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HK Time: 2020-04-02 01:46:37


About Us


“Bidders’ Paradise (” has a unique vision. 


We did not create Penny Auction, rather, we revolutionized it and brought it to the highest possible level ever.  Unlike other competitors, we not only offer mid-ranged consumers products in large quantities to increase your success rate, we also specialized in pushing out high-end luxurious products to enhance competitiveness as well as popularity.


Although our market is global, Bidders’ Paradise is Hong Kong based.  The edge is that while the rest of the world is experiencing economic turmoil, we enjoy strong & steady customer stream from the gigantic China market. 


One of the breakthroughs our founder achieved is that auction winners go collect his/her trophies at official dealers instead of having them delivered.  This serves to ensure that there will be NO counterfeits nor defected/second hand/stolen products.  


While Members enjoys big discounts with their favorite products, we make big profits too.  In order to express our gratitude to our 2 dealers (Exclusive in China by Vasabi Limited, Shenzhen; and, Better-living Global Marketing /direct sales, overseas) who contribute to our success, we return 60 % of our daily gross profits to them.  The better news is, we have their agreement to return a majority part (83.33% of their part, or equivalence of 50% of our daily gross profit) back to package buyers.  The result is an all-win scenario that “Win even if you fail to win” – our embraced “Profit-sharing Program”.


Together, let’s bid for a bright future!